Real-Time Factory Monitoring

Keeping Your Factory on Schedule

By securely connecting directly to CNC controlled machines, ERP systems, and ANY other data sources, MAJiK Connect provides you with the real-time monitoring and performance analytics needed to keep your production on schedule.

React to machine down-time issues quicker and identify which issues are costing the most. Instantly understand if actual production is meeting scheduled production. Quantify machine and factory performance. Be notified of any issues or machines you are concerned with. Customized dashboard suited to your factory's needs.

We create repeatable processes for connecting to and pulling from data sources such as CNC controllers, Industrial PCs, ERP Systems, Shop Order Schedulers, and Part Quality Databases to connect your factory in minutes.

"Manufacturers that implement machine monitoring systems have seen a 20% improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness in less than ten weeks."

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Michael Tatham

Mike has taken the lead role for the team. Previous experience at capital equipment manufacturer BTM Saws and CRM software company NexJ Systems puts him in a unique position to talk manufacturing and software to clients.

Adam Singer
Interaction Designer

Adam focuses on creating the user interfaces and data visualizations that our customers require. If you see it on the screen, Adam made it. Adam has previously worked as a Process Engineer and Applications Developer at Ontario Drive & Gear and C-Con GmbH.

Jared Evans
Product Manager

Jared works with customers to deliver the features they want, as well as integrating with partner companies and systems to increase our product's functionality. Previous experience includes Product and Program Management positions at Apple Inc and Broadcom Corp.

Kamal Aman
Systems Architect+

Kamal designed our system from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies that are especially suited for the problems we are trying to solve. Kamal previously redesigned key systems for Magnet Forensics that have been used by law enforcement agencies in high profile cases such as the Boston Bombings.

Benjamin Kiefer
Embedded Systems

Ben is the newest addition to the team and focuses on increasing the library of devices and data sources our system can connect to. His experience with hardware and low-level software make him a great fit for this role.

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