Production Monitoring for Manufacturers

We provide a single point-of-contact solution for plant personnel to access Key Performance Indicators to make decisions in real time.
MAJiK Systems does the hard work to connect directly to your Capital Equipment and existing Factory Information Systems utilizing the IT infrastructure already in place in your factory. This means that there is no overhead of installing additional hardware to monitor your machines, adjust your production schedule in real-time according to plant conditions, or view important quality metrics.

The MAJiK team created this software to help manufacturers in three ways:

Capture Operational Data

Precisely record production data from many different data sources to capture factory operations in real time.

Visualize Factory Performance

Gain insight into how well your factory is performing and identify areas for improvement.

Promote Continuous Improvement

Reduce costs by implementing new best practices and immediately determining whether they are producing results.

Non-profit studies have shown that manufacturers that implement machine monitoring systems have seen a 20% improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness less than ten weeks after implementation

All of this information is displayed in a web application that can be viewed on your computer, phone, or tablet so you can monitor your production in real-time no matter where you are:


We have the best, most intuitive User Interface in the industry, with each implementation customized to the needs of the people within your factory. We take this very seriously because the better the user experience, the less time you spend finding the information you need.


Secure access from any computer or mobile device with a web browser, whether you’re running the latest mobile OS or need to use legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 within your organization. Our servers have the least downtime in the industry.


Our unique data aggregation and storage methods allow you to instantly access sets of data that would crash most other programs upon retrieval. Access simple visualizations of months worth of data with the click of a button.

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Management Team

Michael Tatham
Technical Sales

Mike has taken the lead role for representing the team. Previous experience at capital equipment manufacturer BTM Saws and CRM software company NexJ Systems puts him in a unique position to talk manufacturing and software to clients.

Adam Singer
Client Architect

Adam focuses on creating the user interfaces and data visualizations that our customers require. If you see it on the screen, Adam made it. Adam has previously worked as a Process Engineer and Applications Developer at Ontario Drive & Gear and C-Con GmbH.

Jared Evans
Product Manager

Jared works with customers to deliver the features they want, as well as integrating with partner companies and systems to increase our product's functionality. Previous experience includes Product and Program Management positions at Apple Inc and Broadcom Corp.

Kamal Aman
Systems Architect

Kamal designed our system from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies that are especially suited for the problems we are trying to solve. Kamal previously redesigned key systems for Magnet Forensics that have been used by law enforcement agencies in high profile cases such as the Boston Bombings.

Benjamin Kiefer
Systems Engineer

Ben focuses on increasing the library of devices and data sources our system can connect to. His experience with hardware and low-level software make him a great fit for this role.

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