Real Time Production Monitoring

We provide a single point-of-contact Manufacturing Execution System solution.


We allow manufacturers to easily access Key Performance Indicators in their factories so they can make decisions in real time.

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MAJiK Systems does the hard work to connect directly to your Capital Equipment and existing Factory Information Systems utilizing the IT infrastructure already in place in your factory.


This means that there is no overhead of installing additional hardware to monitor your machines, adjust your production schedule in real-time according to plant conditions, or view important quality metrics.



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Equipment Effectiveness is a concise and effective way to evaluate how well your equipment is being utilized. Collecting and immediately visualizing your operational data enables you to calculate multiple machine performance metrics as your factory operates.


Base-line and compare the performance of work centers

Understand the causes of your equipment's performance

Increase the efficiency of bottleneck machines


Success in the manufacturing industry is driven by maintaining high flexibility, consistency, and by being cost efficient. Resources are used to their best effect by getting out ahead of the production process. This means comparing how much you're producing in real time to your production demands.


Know when to make material available for upcoming work in order  to stop starving your equipment

Reduce blocked production by ensuring material handlers know when to pick up completed products


Manufacturers put a lot of time and effort into creating production schedules to meet the demands of their customers and fully utilize their available resources. Unfortunately, this careful planning doesn’t help when conditions change in the factory. Rushed customer orders, equipment going down, and material shortages all need to be dealt with by responding to actual production data and adjusting your schedule in real time.


Keep on schedule and meet quotas during high production variability

Meet the Just-In-Time demands of multiple customers

Adjust your production in real-time to overcome and take advantage of obstacles that changeovers and downtime create


Identifying non-conforming parts earlier in the production process and minimizing their creation saves money and reduces wear on your capital equipment. Centralized access to accurate quality metrics that are always up to date allows you to catch problems sooner and build consensus among your team to tackle your most pressing quality issues.

Create more high quality, salable parts without increasing      capital equipment expenditures

Reduce load on bottleneck machines and work centers by screening out non-conforming parts upstream


MAJiK Systems is categorized as a Level 3 Software System within your factory. We provide the real time connection between your Level 4 Business Systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning and your Level 1 and 2 Automation Systems such as Computer Numerical Controls (CNCs) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) controlling your machines and lines and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems that provide production plans and feedback across the factory floor.

Rather than force you to replace existing hardware or software packages or conform to a single controls ecosystem, MAJiK works by connecting with your existing Factory Information Systems. We interface with existing systems where they are already in place and provide simple, robust plug-ins and solutions to acquire necessary data where they are not. This provides you the best value and the simplest transition to receiving all the benefits of a full Manufacturing Execution System within your factory.



Michael Tatham

Technical Sales

Mike has taken the lead role for representing the team. Previous experience at capital equipment manufacturer BTM Saws and CRM software company NexJ Systems puts him in a unique position to talk manufacturing and software to clients.

Adam Singer

Client Architect

Adam focuses on creating the user interfaces and data visualizations that our customers require. If you see it on the screen, Adam made it. Adam has previously worked as a Process Engineer and Applications Developer at Ontario Drive & Gear and C-Con GmbH.

Jared Evans

Product Manager

Jared works with customers to deliver the features they want, as well as integrating with partner companies and systems to increase our product's functionality. Previous experience includes Product and Program Management positions at Apple Inc and Broadcom Corp.

Kamal Aman

Systems Architect

Kamal designed our system from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies that are especially suited for big data problems. Kamal previously designed key systems for Magnet Forensics that have been used by law enforcement agencies in high profile cases.

Benjamin Kiefer

Systems Engineer

Ben focuses on increasing the library of devices and data sources our system can connect to.  This is what powers MAJiK Systems. His experience with hardware and low-level software make him a great fit for this role.

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