The MAJiK Team

Field Applications Specialists

Our Field Applications Specialists are the front-line and first-responders in our mission to help you tackle your biggest manufacturing challenges. At the start of a project with MAJiK, you are assigned a dedicated Field Applications Specialist. Field Application Specialists provide project management, training, support, and follow-up case studies as part of your partnership with MAJiK.

Industrial Engineers by trade, our Field Application Specialists have worked in some of the world's most challenging manufacturing environments. Field Application Specialists bring years of experience in the manufacturing sector to bear using MAJiK's state-of-the-art software and training methods for your team.

Integration Specialists

Integration Specialists at MAJiK have to have a special knowledge of automation, Programmable Logic Controllers, and Factory Information Systems to get the job done. They understand the ins-and-outs of Ladder Logic programming and how different brands of controls interface with each other and your plant network. Integration Specialists find innovative ways for customers to access data they didn't even know was available.

Integrations with MAJiK Systems are the fastest in the industry, because we rely on our proprietary software libraries and the expertise of our Integration Specialists rather than third-party hardware or expensive SCADA Systems. Most integrations take less than a week, and we can get relevant data off of your equipment within minutes of being on your factory floor.

Product & Engineering

Our software team is cross-disciplinary, quality focused, and innovative. We provide a full-featured solution across your factory that includes direct connectivty to equipment using native protocols, translating raw data into actionable events and information, storing, aggregating, and archiving data, and state-of-the-art real-time visualizations delivered directly to your web browser or mobile phone.

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